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Samyang 35mm F2.8 AF Sony FE
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manualSamyang 35mm F2.8 AF Sony FE
Thank you for purchasing this Samyang Optics product.
The Samyang AF 35mm F2.8 FE lens is a high performance AF single
vision lens designed exclusively for the E-mount of SONY
interchangeable-lens cameras. (This lens cannot be used with an A-
mount camera.)
FE refers to the full frame E-mount.
󳀏The lens is designed exclusively for mirror-less cameras, where the
distance between the DSLR contrast lens and the image sensor is
close, and affords the user excellent performance and results.
󳀏Designed for cameras with 35mm full frame image sensors for high
quality pictures and videos.
󳀏It minimizes various aberrations, and creates a clear image by using
two high precision aspherical lenses.
󳀏The fast and accurate AF (autofocus) function ensures excellent
󳀏Its compact size with light weight allows anyone to capture an image
󳀏Its simple but refined design, as well as robust structure ensures
excellent durability.
󳀏This product is designed in the form of an inner focus lens, meaning
thelens does not come out or rotate according to the focal distance, and
is therefore free from dust.
󳀏Please read this instruction manual and familiarize yourself with the
functions of the lens, the operating method, and cautions for handling
the product correctly prior to use.
Also, refer to the instruction manual of the camera you are using with
the lens.
󳀏The supported functions of this product may vary according to the
camera model.
󳀏For detailed information regarding compatibility, visit the certified service
center or refer to our homepage.
In order to maintain user safety and prevent damage to the product, fully
familiarize yourself with the following items in order to use the product
󳀏It is dangerous to look at the sun through the lens directly. Doing so
may seriously impair your vision.
󳀏Be careful not to apply an impact when attaching the lens. The lens is a
precision optical product, so dropping or applying an excessive impact
to the lens may cause product failure.
󳀏In order to use the lens safely, attach or detach the lens while the
camera is turned off.
󳀏Be careful not to touch or contaminate the contact point on the mount. If
an electronic signal is not transmitted between the camera and the lens
smoothly, a malfunction may occur.
󳀏Do not wet the lens or touch the lens with a wet hand when using the
lens near water. Doing so may result in fire or electric shock.
󳀏IIt is recommended to use a strong tripod. If a weak tripod is used, the
tripod may fall, damaging the camera and the lens.
󳀏Do not store the lens without a lens cap in a location with direct sunlight,
such as inside a vehicle. Direct sunlight passing through the lens may
be concentrated, causing a fire.
󳀏If the lens is placed in a hot location, damage or distortion may occur
and problems in the performance may occur.
󳀏Store the lens in a dry and well-ventilated location. Avoid direct sunlight
and do not store the lens with naphthalene or moth balls.
󳀏Avoid using the lens in a location with drastic temperature changes. In
particular, if you move a lens that has been chilled in a cold location to a
warm location, moisture in the air may be concentrated outside or inside
the lens, causing a product failure or the production of mold. In such a
case, keep the lens in a plastic bag or an exclusive camera bag and
take it out when the temperature of the lens becomes similar to the
peripheral temperature.
󳀏Keep the lens out of the reach of children. Not doing so may cause an
accident or personal injury.
󳀏If the lens surface gets dirty, dust it off using a lens blower or a brush
and wipe it with a soft and clean cloth (cleaning tissue, cotton cloth,
󳀏When dusting or cleaning the lens, do not use an organic solvent such
as thinner, alcohol, or benzene.
󳀏When cleaning the lens, put a small amount of ethanol or lens cleaner
on a soft and clean cloth or a cleaning paper and wipe the lens by
circling outwards from the center.
󳀏Lens 󳀏2 lens caps (front, rear) 󳀏Instruction manual
󳀏Hood 󳀏Portable pouch 󳀏Warranty
Before using
Cautions for using the lens
Storing the lens
Cleaning the lens

Samyang AF 35mm F2.8 FE

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35mm F2.8 AF Sony FE
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