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Rotho Babydesign GmbH, Gewerbestr. 5 D-79872 Bernau/Germany


Before using, please read all information through carefully
and store the brochure safely for referencing at a later date.
You have purchased an innovative product made of high-quality plastic. The material is fully recyclable
and meets all of the relevant EU standards. It has also been tested for chemical safety by a TÜV
(German technical monitoring association) test institute.


- Removable upper section for easy emptying and cleaning
- The child's skin won't stick to the surface
- Secure hold thanks to the high back
- Twofold spray guard

How to use:

- To empty, open the catch at the rear, remove the inner.
- When inserting, click the small opening on the front edge first, then close the catch at the rear.
Please only use lukewarm soapy water to clean. Do not use solvents or scouring agents.
Please give the article number 20213 in the event of a complaint.
We wish you lots of pleasure with your quality Rotho-Babydesign product.
TIP: After the potty training has been completed successfully, the Rotho Babydesign toilet seat
is safe and suitable for all common toilet types.

Important safety notes:

- Never leave your child unattended! This product is not suitable for use as a toy.
- Check your purchase regularly before using to ensure that it is not damaged. Do not continue to use a damaged product.

Easy to empty

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