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Portable DVD Player PET724
User manualManuel d'utilisationManual del usuario
INTRODUCTIONYour portable DVD playerYour portable DVD player plays digital video discs conforming to the universalDVD Video standard. With it, you will be able to enjoy full-length movies withtrue cinema picture quality, and stereo or multichannel sound (depending on thedisc and on your playback set-up).The unique features of DVD-Video, such as selection of soundtrack and subtitlelanguages, and of different camera angles (again depending on the disc), are allincluded.What’s more, parental lock lets you decide which discs your children will be ableto see. You will find your player remarkably easy to use with the On-ScreenDisplay and player display in combination with the remote control.UnpackingFirst check and identify the contents of your package, as listed below:• Portable DVD player • Remote Control• Car adaptor (12V) • AC power adaptor• Rechargeable battery pack • User Manual• Warranty • Audio / Video cablePlacement• Place the player on a firm, flat surface.• Keep away from domestic heating equipment and direct sunlight.• If the player cannot read CDs/DVDs correctly, try using a commonly available cleaning CD/DVD to clean the lens before taking the player to berepaired. Other cleaning methods may destroy the lens.• Always keep the disc door closed to avoid dust on the lens.• The lens may cloud over when the player is suddenly moved from cold to warmsurroundings. It is then not possible to play a CD/DVD. Leave the player in a warmenvironment until the moisture evaporates.FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW
Left of player ( see figure 1)
8 0 OPEN...............Open disc door to insert or remove disc
9 ON . POWER . OFF .....Switche the player on / offRight of player ( see figure 1)
0 E VOLUME ............ Volume control.
! PHONE 1 & 2.............. Headphones jack@ AV OUT ........................Audio/Video output jack
# AV IN ............................ Audio/Video input jack
$ COAXIL......................... Digital audio output jack
% DC IN 9V. .....................Power supply socketSPECIAL DVD FEATURESChecking the contents of DVD-Video discs: Menus.For titles and chapters, selection menus may be included on the disc.The DVD’s menu feature allows you to make selections from these menus. Press
the appropriate numerical key; or use the 3, 4, 1, 2 keys to highlight your
selection, and press OK.Disc menuPress MENU. The menu may list, for example, camera angles,spoken language and subtitle options, and chapters for the title.Camera angleIf the disc contains sequences recorded from differentcamera angles, the angle icon appears, showing thenumber of available angles, and the angle being shown.You can then change the camera angle if you wish.Press ANGLE repeatedly until you have reached your desiredviewing angle.
To resume to normal viewing angle, press ANGLE repeatedly until no angle
related message is shown on the screen.Changing the languagePress LANGUAGE. If the current disc has different langauge options, this now appears on the screen. Press LANGUAGE repeatedly until you have reached your desired language option.SubtitlesPress SUBTITLES. If the current disc has differentsubtitles options, this now appears on the screen. Press SUBTITLES repeatedly until you have reached your desired subtitles option.GENERAL FEATURESSlow motionPress > once or more for the following slow play options:x 1 1/2 x 5* 1/2 x backwardx 2 1/4 x 6* 1/4 x backwardx 3 1/8 x 7* 1/8 x backwardx 4 1/16 x 8* 1/16 x backward
Press OK or 2 to resume normal playback.
*for DVDs onlyChanging the audio outputPress AUDIO repeatedly for the following audio options.x 1 Mono left x 2 Mono rightx 3 Mixed mono x 4 Stereo
The Zoom function allows you to enlarge the video image and to pan through the enlarged image. Press ZOOM repeatedly to select the followingzooming options.Zoom x 1 2X Zoom x 2 3XZoom x 3 4X Zoom x 4 1/2Zoom x 5 1/3 Zoom x 6 1/4Zoom x 7 normal
Press MUTE once to mute player volume.Press MUTE again to disable.REPEATPress REPEAT repeatedly for the following repeat options:DVD actions VCD actionsx 1 repeats chapter repeats trackx 2 repeats title repeats allx 3 repeats all cancels repeatx 4 cancels repeatPREPARATIONSDigital Audio Out
• You can also make use of the COAXIAL jackfor digital audio output.• Please refer to the user manuals of your additional equipment for more information about connection.• Players support NTSC/PAL/AUTO television sets.EnglishFUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW
Main unit controls ( see figure 1)
1 MENU ................Display MENU page
2 OSD.......................On Screen Display on / off
3 3, 4, 1, 2 .........Up / down / left / right cursor
OK .........................Confirm selection
4 ;............................Pause playback
2... ........................Start / resume playback9... ........................Press twice to stop playback
/ §... ...............For previous () or next (§) chapters, tracks or titles
J / K......................Search backward (J) or search forward (K)
5 MONITOR ..........Selection displayTo adjust the brightness with 12To adjust the color with 12To adjust the screen of 16:9 or 4:3 with 126 AV IN/OUT .........– A/V OUT– A/V IN (AUX)Front of player ( see figure 1)7POWER/CHG ..Power and charging indicatorIR ......................Remote sensor
Remote controls ( see figure 2)
1 3, 4, 1, 2 .........Up / down / left / right cursor
OK .........................Confirms selection
2 VOL+ / -................Volume control
3 J( / §... .............For previous (J( ) or next (§) chapters, tracks or titles
;............................Pauses playback2...........................Starts / resumes playback9... ........................Press twice to stop playback
5 / 6... ..............Search backward (5 ) or search forward (6)
4 OSD.......................On Screen Display on / off
. ..........................Slow motion5 AUDIO ..................Audio langauge selectorZOOM...................Enlarges video image
6 A > B.....................To repeat or loop a sequence in a title
PLAY-MODE ........Selects play order options7 0 - 9.......................Numeric keypad8 MUTE....................Muting player volumeREPEAT ................Repeats chapter / title / disc9 RETURN ...............For VCD menu pageANGLE..................Selects DVD camera angle0 SUBTITLE ............Subtitle language selectorLANGUAGE .........Language selector! MENU...................Displays MENU page@ SETUP ..................Enters SETUP menu# Infra Red port$ BATTERY COMPARTMENTBASIC FUNCTIONSSwitching on for OSD language setupEnglish is the default language of your player’s on screen display. You maychoose to use English, French, Spanish, German, Simplified Chinese or TraditionalChinese for your player’s on screen display.Countries OSD Language OptionsEuropean English, French, Spanish, GermanAmerican English, French, SpanishAsia Pacific English,Tradtional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
1 Slide the POWER switch to ON to switch on the
2 Press SET UP for the set up menu.
3 Select GENERAL SETUP and press OK.
4 Scroll and select OSD LANG and press 2 to
select from OSD language options.
5 Select your preferred language and press OK.
Loading discs and switching on
1 Press OPEN to open the disc door.
2 Insert your chosen disc, label side up (also when a double sided
DVD disc is inserted). Make sure it is sitting properly in the correct recess.3 Gently push to close the door.
4 Slide the POWER switch to ON to switch on the player.
A normal mechanical noise is heard during playback.BASIC FUNCTIONSPlaying a DVD discAfter switching on, inserting the disc and closing the door, playback startsautomatically. The screen shows the type of disc loaded. The disc may invite you
to select an item from a menu. Use the 3, 4, 1, 2 keys to highlight your
selection,and press OK.Note: Since it is usual for DVD movies to be released at different times indifferent regions of the world, all players have region codes and discs can havean optional region code. If you load a disc of a different region code to yourplayer, you will see the region code notice on the screen. The disc will not play,and should be unloaded.Playing an audio or video CD disc• After switching on, inserting the disc and closing the door, the screen showsthe type of disc loaded as well as information about the disc’s contents. Press 2 to start playback.• While playing VCD with MTV/Karaoke, press number keys(0-9) to select the
track and press 2 or OK to play the track. Press RETURN to go back to menu
of the selection.Playing DivX
• Philips provide you the DivX
VOD(Video on Demand) registration code thatallows you to rent and purchase videos using the DivX
VOD service. For moreinformation, visit• Selection the DivX
VOD on the SETUP menu.• The registration code will appear.• Use the registration code to purchase or rent the videos from DivX
service at Follow the instructions and download the videoonto a CD-R for playback on this DVD player.
All the downloaded videos from DivX
VOD can only be played back on this DVD player.BASIC FUNCTIONSPlaying a MP3 / WMA-CDThe following playback features are available for MP3/WMA-CDs. Please refer to the corresponding sections for more information.Volume control, skipping tracks, searching, repeat, shuffle, etc.
Use the 3, 4, 1, 2 keys to highlight your selected music folder.
Press OK to play.
You cannot play WMA files that are copy protected.Playing a JPEG discs
Use the 3, 4, 1, 2 keys to highlight your selected picture folder.
Press OK. The player will then automatically enter the slide show mode.
Using the full display screen, this shows the rest of the JPEG files, one-by-one,located in the selected current folder.
• Use the 1, 2 to rotate the picture.
• Use the 3 to filp up/down. • Use the 4 to flip left/right.• During the slide show, press MENU to go back to folder screen. • Press 9 to go to group preview.
• Use the 3, 4, 1, 2 to highlight the preview picture and access the
on-screen functions.Note: Unless stated otherwise, all operations described are based on remotecontrol operation.GENERAL FEATURESMoving to another title / track / chapterWhen a disc has more than one title or track, you canmove to another title/track/chapter as follows:• Press § briefly during play to select the next title/track / chapter.• Press J( briefly during play to step back to theprevious title/track/chapter.• To go directly to any title, track or chapter, enter the corresponding number using the numerical keys (0-9).Still picture and step frame
Press ; once or more for the following still picture and step frame options:
; x 1 Pause / Still picture; x 2 screen shows ;2
After the icon ;2 is displayed, press ; repeatedly to
play frame by frame.Press OK to resume normal playback.SearchPress K repeatedly for the following forward search options:Press J repeatedly for the following backward search options:
2 X backwards 2 X forward4 X backwards 4 X forward8 X backwards 8 X forward16 X backwards 16 X forward32 X backwards 32 X forwardnormal speed normal speed
Press OK or 2 to resume normal playback.
GENERAL FEATURESRepeat A > BTo repeat or loop a sequence in a title:• Press A > B at your chosen starting point;A appears on the screen.• Press A > B again at your chosen end point;AB appears on the display, and the repeat sequence begins.• To exit the sequence, press A > B.Play modes
Press PLAY-MODE repeatedly for the following play order options:
x 1 Shuffle x 2 Randomx 3 Program
Use (0-9) and OK to key in specific settings.
Volume Control• Press + / - to increase or decrease playback volumein the Remote Control or• Use the rotatary switch on the right side of the unit.Monitor (on the main unit)
Press MONITOR repeatedly and use 1 / 2 to adjust
brightness, color and display mode (normal or full screen).CAUTIONUse of controls or adjustments or performance of proceduresother than herein may result in hazardous radiation exposureor other unsafe operation.
GENERAL EXPLANATIONAbout this manualThis manual gives the basic instructions for operating this DVD player. Some DVD discs however are produced in a way that requires specificoperation or allows only limited operation during playback. In these casesthe player may not respond to all operating commands. When this occurs,please refer to the instructions in the disc inlay. When a appears onthe screen, the operation is not permitted by the playeror the disc.Remote control operation• Unless otherwise stated, all operations can be carried out with theremote control. Always point the remote control directly at the player,making sure there are no obstructions in the path of the infrared beam.• When there are corresponding keys on the main unit, they can also be used.Menu navigation• Your player has an intuitive menu navigation system to guide you throughvarious settings and operations.• Use the function keys to activate / disable relevant operations.
• Use 3, 4, 1, 2 to browse through menus.
• Press OK key to confirm your selection.TROUBLESHOOTING Symptom RemedyDisc can’t be played – Ensure the disc label is upwards.– Clean the disc.– Check if the disc is defective by tryinganother disc.The player does not – Aim the remote control directly at the
respond to the remote sensor on the front of the player. Avoid all
control obstacles that may interfere with the signal path. Inspect or replace the batteries.Distorted or B/W – Use only discs formatted according to the picture with DVD TV-set used (PAL/NTSC).No audio at digital – Check the digital connections.output – Check the SETUP menu to make sure that the digital output is set to on.Player does not respond – Operations are not permitted by the all operating – Refer to the instructions in the disc inlay.commands duringplaybackPlayer feels warm – When the player is in use for a long period of time, the surface will be heated. This is normal.
Display goes dimmer when – The unit is saving power to ensure longer
AC is unplugged playtime with battery. It is normal. Adjust the brightness using MONITORfunction.This set complies with the radio interference requirements of theEuropean Union.PREPARATIONSPower supplyUsing the AC / DC adaptorConnect the supplied adapter to the setand the main power supply (as shown).
To avoid damage to the player, switch off before plugging or unplugging theAC adaptor.Using the car adapterConnect the supplied car adapter to the set and the car cigarette lighter outlet.
• To avoid damage to the player, switch off before plugging or unpluggingthe car adaptor.• When connecting with car power (cigarette lighter) adaptor, be sure theinput voltage of the adaptor is identical with car voltage.Powering your remote control1 Open the battery compartment. Remove the protective plastic tab (first time users only).2 Insert 1 x lithium 3V battery, type CR2025,then close the compartment.Batteries contain chemical substances, so theyshould be disposed of properly.Incorrect use of batteries can cause electrolyte leakage and will corrode thecompartment or cause the batteries to burst.Remove the batteries if the set is not to be used for a long time.GENERAL INFORMATIONHandling discs Do not attach paper or tape to the disc. Keep the disc away from direct sunlight or heatsources. Store the disc in a disc case after playback. To clean, wipe the disc outwards from the centerwith a soft, lint-free clean cloth.On handling the LCD screenThe LCD is manufactured using high precision technology. You may, however, seetiny black points that continuously appear on the LCD. This is a normal result ofthe manufacturing process and does not indicate a malfunction.Environmental informationWe have reduced the packaging to its minimum and made it easy to separate intomono materials: cardboard, PS, PE and PET.Your set consists of material which can be recycled if disassembled by aspecialized company. Please observe the local regulations to dispose ofpackaging, exhausted batteries and old equipment.Copyright information“DivX, DivX” Certified, and associated logos are trademarks of DivX Inc. and areused under license.”All other brand and product names are trademarks of their respective companiesor organizations.Unauthorized duplication of any recordings downloaded from the internet or madefrom CDs / VCDs / DVDs is a violation of copyright laws and internationaltreaties.The making of unauthorized copies of copy-protected material, including computer programmes, files, broadcasts and sound recordings, may be aninfringement of copyrights and constitute a criminal offence. This equipmentshould not be used for such purposes.INTRODUCTIONPlayable disc formatsIn addition to DVD-Video disc, you will also be able to play all Video CDs andaudio CDs (including CDR, CDRW,DVD±R and DVR±RW).DVD-VideoDepending on the material on the disc (a movie, video clips, a drama series, etc.) these discs may have one or more Titles,and each Title may have one or more Chapters. To make accesseasy and convenient, your player lets you move between Titles, and also between Chapters.Video CDDepending on the material on the disc (a movie, video clips,a drama series, etc.) these discs may have one or moreTracks, and tracks may have one or more indexes, asindicated on the disc case.To make access easy andconvenient, your player lets you move between tracks andbetween indexes.Audio CD / MP3 / WMA CDAudio CDs / MP3/WMA CD contain music tracks only. You canplay them in the conventional way through a stereo systemusing the keys on the remote control and/or main unit, or viathe TV using the On Screen Display (OSD).CD with JPEG filesYou can also view JPEG still photos on this player. About DivXDivX is a popular media technology created by DivX, Inc. DivX media files contain highly compressed video with high visual quality that maintains a relatively samll file size. DivX files can also include advanced media features like menus, subtitles, and alternate audio tracks. Many DivX media files are available for download online, and you can create your own using your personal content and easy-to-use tools from DivX.comZero Bright Dot
Enjoy highest-quality images that are free from annoying blank spots onthe LCD screen. LCD displays commonly have imperfections, termed as'bright dots' by the LCD industry. A limited number of bright dots wereonce considered an inevitable side effect of LCD mass production. WithPhilips' strict quality control procedures used in our Portable DVD Players,our LCD displays are produced with zero tolerance for bright dots. Select Portable DVDPlayers come with Philips Zero Bright Dot
Policy to guarantee optimal screenquality. Warranty service varies from region to region. Contact your local Philipsrepresentative for more detailed information.GENERAL INFORMATIONPower SourcesThis unit operates on a supplied AC adapter, car adapter, or a rechargeablebattery pack.• Make sure that the input voltage of the AC adaptor is in line with the localvoltage. Otherwise, the AC adaptor and unit may be damaged.• Do not touch the AC adaptor with wet hands to prevent electric shock.• When connecting with car power (cigarette lighter) adaptor, be sure the input voltage of the adaptor is identical with car voltage.• Unplug the AC adaptor from the outlet or remove the battery pack when the unit is not used for long periods of time.• Hold the plug to disconnect the AC adaptor. Do not pull the power cord.Safety and maintenance• Do not disassemble the unit for laser rays are dangerous to eyes. Any service should be done by qualified service personnel.• Unplug the AC adaptor to cut the power if liquid or objects get inside the unit.• Take care not to drop the unit or subject it to strong shocks, which may cause malfunction.• Do not expose to excessive heat caused by heating equipment or direct sunlight.• This product is not waterproof: do not allow your player to be submersed in water. Water entering the player may cause major damage.• Do not use any cleaning agents containing alcohol, ammonia, benzene, or abrasives as these may harm the player.• Apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing. Do not place anysources of danger on the appartus (e.g. liquid filled objects,lighted candles)• Do not touch the lens!Note: When the player is in use for a long period of time, the surface will beheated. This is normal
PREPARATIONSConnectionsConnecting headphonesConnect the headphones into the PHONE 1 or thePHONE 2 jack of your set.Connecting additional equipment• Turn off your set before connecting to any additional equipment.• You can connect the player to a TV or an amplifier to enjoy DVDs or karaoke.AV OUTOn the DVD player panel, press AV IN/OUTto select A/V OUT.AV INOn the DVD player panel, press AV IN/OUTto select A/V IN (AUX).
Connection Video Audio (Left) Audio (right)
Color Yellow White Red
OSD OPERATIONSIn addition to using remote control keys, you can also change disc playbackoptions from OSD.
1 Press OSD during disc playback. A list of features is shown.
2 Use the 3 4 keys to highlight your selection.
When the cursor highlights these settings, press OK to:FILE key in desired file numberTITLE key in desired title numberCHAPTER key in desired chapter numberAUDIO select audio optionsSUBTITLE select subtitle optionsANGLE select camera angle optionsFILE TIME key in starting point for file play timeTT TIME key in starting point for title play timeCH TIME key in starting point for chapter play timeREPEAT select repeat optionsTIME DISP. select time display options
3 Use (0-9) to key in specific settings.
4 Press 1 to abort current settings or go back to previous menu level.
5 Press OSD to exit.
SETUP OPERATIONSTo maximize your playback experience, use SETUP to fine tune your settings.
Use the 3,4,1, 2 keys to highlight your selection, and press OK.
1 Press SETUP. A list of features is shown.
2 Use the 3 4 keys to highlight your selection.
When the cursor highlights these settings, press OK to:GENERAL SETUP select display and other optionsAUDIO SETUP select audio optionsPREFERENCES select playback preferencesPASSWORD SETUP select password options
3 Press 1 to abort current settings or go back to previous menu level.
4 Press SETUP to exit.
General SetupWhen the cursor highlights these settings, press OK to:TV DISPLAY select display ratioTV TYPE select video standard of external TV setOSD LANG select on screen display languageSPDIF select digital audio optionsCAPTIONS select captions optionsSCREEN SAVER select screen saver options
Press 1 to abort current settings or go back to previous menu level
SETUP OPERATIONSAudio SetupWhen the cursor highlights these settings, press OK to:SPEAKER SETUP select speaker optionsDOLBY DIGITAL SETUP select dobly sound optionsCHANNEL EQUALIZER select equalizer options3D PROCESSING select surround sound options
Press 1 to abort current settings or go back to previous menu level
PreferencesWhen the cursor highlights these settings, press OK to:AUDIO select audio language optionsSUBTITLE select subtitle language optionsDISC MENU select disc menu language optionsPARENTAL select parental options
VOD get DivX ID for VODPOWER SAVING activate power saving mode when using batteryplaybackDEFAULT Restore factory settings
Press 1 to abort current settings or go back to previous menu level
Note: Parental options are only selectable when password mode is deactivated.Password SetupWhen the cursor highlights these settings, press OK to:PW MODE switch password on / offPASSWORD change existing password (default: 99999)
Press 1 to abort current settings or go back to previous menu level
TROUBLESHOOTINGIf it appears that the DVD-Video player is faulty, first consult this checklist. It may be that something has been overlooked.WARNINGUnder no circumstances should you try to repair the set yourself as thiswill invalidate the guarantee.If a fault occurs, first check the points listed, before taking the set forrepair. If you are unable to solve a problem by following these hints,consult your dealer or service centre.Symptom RemedyNo power – Check if both plugs of the mains cord are properly connected. – Check if there is power at the AC outlet by plugging in another appliance.– Check if battery pack is inserted appropriately.– Check if car adaptor is connected appropriately.Distorted picture – Check the disc for fingerprints and clean witha soft cloth, wiping from centre to edge. – Sometimes a small amount of picturedistortion may appear. This is not amalfunction.Completely distorted – The NTSC/PAL setting may be in the wrong picture / no colour in status. Match your TV’s setting with the the TV screen player’s setting.No sound – Check audio connections. If using a HiFi amplifier, try another sound source.TECHNICAL DATA Dimensions 19.4 x 17.1 x 3.2 cm7.6 x 6.7 x 1.3 inchesWeight 0.86 kg / 1.89 lbPower supply DC 9V 1.8AOperating temperature range 0 - 50°C (32 ~ 122°F)Laser wavelength 650nmVideo system NTSC / PAL / AUTOFrequency response 20Hz ~ 20KHz ± 1dBSignal/noise ratio 85dB
Audio distortion + noise -80(1KHz)
Channel separation 85dBDynamic range 80dBOutputAudio out (analog audio) Output level: 2V ± 10%Load impedance: 10KVideo out Output level: 1Vp - p ± 20%Load impedance: 75PHILIPS reserves the right to make design and specificationchanges for product improvement without prior notice.Modifications not authorized by the manufacturer may void usersauthority to operate this device.All rights reserved.
Meet Philips at the Internet call 1-888-philips (744-5477)PHILIPS CONSUMER ELECTRONICS COMPANYMarietta, GA 30006-0026PET724Printed in China WK6293
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Trademarks are the property of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.
or their respective owners
2006 © Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved.
1. Read these instructions.2. Keep these instructions.3. Heed all warnings.4. Follow all instructions.5. Do not use this apparatus nearwater.6. Clean only with dry cloth.7. Do not block any ventilationopenings. Install in accordance withthe manufacturer´s instructions.8. Do not install near any heat sourcessuch as radiators, heat registers, stoves, orother apparatus (including amplifiers) thatproduce heat.9. Do not defeat the safety purpose of thepolarized or grounding-type plug.A polarized plug has two blades with onewider than the other. A grounding type plughas two blades and a third grounding prong.The wide blade or the third prong areprovided for your safety. If the provided plugdoes not fit into your outlet, consult anelectrician for replacement of the obsoleteoutlet.
Protect the power cord from beingwalked on or pinched, particularly at plugs,convenience receptacles, and the pointwhere they exit from the apparatus.
Only use attachments/accessoriesspecified by the manufacturer.
13 .
Unplug this apparatus during lightningstorms or when unused for long periods oftime.
14 .
Refer all servicing to qualified servicepersonnel. Servicing is required when theapparatus has been damaged in any way,such as power-supply cord or plug isdamaged, liquid has been spilled or objectshave fallen into the apparatus, the apparatushas been exposed to rain or moisture, doesnot operate normally, or has been dropped.15.
Battery usage CAUTION – To
prevent battery leakage which may result in
bodily injury, property damage, or damage
to the unit:
Install all batteries correctly, + and - as
marked on the unit.
Do not mix batteries (old and new or
carbon and alkaline, etc.). Remove batteries when the unit is not usedfor a long time.


AC Polarized
16.Apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing. 17.Do not place any sources of danger on the apparatus (e.g. liquid filled objects, lighted candles). 18.This product may contain lead and mercury. Disposal of these materials may be regulated due to environmental considerations. For disposal or recycling information, please contact your local authorities or the Electronic Industries Alliance : 6475-E005: 04/01
Use only with the cart, stand,tripod, bracket, or table specifiedby the manufacturer or sold withthe apparatus. When a cart isused, use caution when movingthe cart/apparatus combinationto avoid injury from tip-over.
EnglishThis digital apparatus does not exceedthe Class B limits for radio noise emissions from digital apparatus as set out in the Radio InterferenceRegulations of the Canadian Departmentof Communications.FrançaisCet appareil numérique n'émet pas debruits radioélectriques dépassant les limites applicables aux appareilsnumériques de Classe B prescrites dansle Règlement sur le BrouillageRadioélectrique édicté par le Ministèredes Communications du Canada.1. Lisez ces instructions.2. Conservez ces instructions.3. Respectez les avertissements.4. Suivez toutes les instructions.
5. Nutilisez pas cet appareil à
proximité dune source deau.6. Nettoyez lappareil uniquement avecun chiffon sec.
7. Nobstruez aucun orice de
ventilation. Installez lappareil selonles instructions du fabricant.
8. Ninstallez pas lappareil près dune
source de chaleur comme par exempledes radiateurs, bouches de chaleur,cuisinières, ou autres appareils (même desamplicateurs) dégageant de la chaleur.9. Ne détruisez pas laincorporée dans la prisede terre ou prisepolarisée fournie. Une prise polarisée estdotée de deux lames dont une plus largeque lautre. Une prise de terre est dotée dedeux ches semblables et dune troisième,plus large, qui assure la mise à la terre pourvotre sécurité. Si la prise fournie neconvient pas à la prise murale dont vousdisposez, consultez un électricien pourremplacer et adapter votre prise murale.
Protégez le cordon dalimentationpour éviter de marcher dessus ou de lepincer particulièrement aux endroits desprises, mâles et femelles, et au point deraccordement sur lappareil lui-même.
Utilisez uniquement des accessoiresou options recommandés par le fabricant.
Utilisez uniquement unmeuble sur roulettes,unsupport, un pied, une étagère ouune table de type recommandé par le fabricant. Si vous utilisez unmeuble sur veillez à lel’équipement se renversait.
13 .
Débranchez lappareil pendant lesorages ou sil doit rester inutilisé pendantune période de temps prolongée.
14 .
Pour toute réparation, faites appel à un
personnel qualifié. Une réparation seranécessaire si lappareil a subi des dommagestels que détérioration du cordondalimentation ou de la prise, liquiderenversé sur lappareil, ou encore si un
est tombé dessus, si lappareil a été
à la pluie ou à lhumidité,sil ne
pas cor rectement ou sil a faitune chute.15.PRÉCAUTION demploi des
piles An d’éviter toute fuite des piles
qui risquerait de causer des blessurescorporelles, des dommages matériels, oudendommager lappareil :
Installez toutes les piles correctement,
+ et - tels quindiqués sur lappareil.
Ne mélangez pas les piles (pas de piles
neuves avec des usagées ou de piles aucarbone avec des alcalines, etc.).
Enlevez les piles lorsque lappareil reste
inutilisé pendant une longue période.
Prise polarisée C.A.Nexposez pas cet appareil à sources de problème potentielles (objets
remplis de liquide, bougies allumées, etc.).
16.Cet appareil ne doit pas être exposé à des éclaboussures.17.Ce produit peut contenir du plomb et du mercure. L’élimination de ces matières est
réglementée pour protéger lenvironnement.
Pour savoir comment les éliminer ou les recycler, contactez les autorités locales [ou Electronic Industries Alliance : www.].18.EL 6475-F005: 04/01roulettes,
déplacer avec précaution
d’éviter tout accident corporel siobjetexposé fonctionne 1. Lea estas instrucciones.2. Conserve estas instrucciones.3. Lea todos los avisos.4. Siga todas las instrucciones.5. No utilice este aparato cerca del agua.6. Para limpiar el aparato utilice sóloun trapo seco.7. No tape las aperturas de ventilación.Proceda a su instalación de acuerdocon las instrucciones del fabricante.8. No instale el equipo cerca de fuentesde calor Como radiadores, calentadores,estufas o cualquier otro aparato (incluyendolos amplicadores) generador de calor.9. No anule la seguridad de laclavija de corriente(ya sea de tipo polarizado o con toma de tierra). Las clavijas polarizadastienen dos patillas, una más ancha que laotra. Las que disponen de toma de tierratienen dos patillas y una tercera que es lade conexión a tierra.Tanto la patilla másancha como la toma de tierra han sidoincorporadas a la clavija para su seguridadpersonal. Si la clavija suministrada con elequipo no es compatible con su toma decorriente, consulte a un electricista parasustituir la toma de corriente obsoleta.
Proteja debidamente el cableimpidiendo que pueda pisarse o inclusoperforarse, especialmente en la parte máspróxima a la clavija y en el punto de salidadel equipo.11. Utilice exclusivamente aquellosdispositivos/ accesorios recomendadospor el fabricante.12.Coloque el equipoexclusivamente sobre aquelloscarros, bases, trípodes, soportes omesas especicados por elvendidos con el equipo. Cuando utilice un carro, tenga cuidado al desplazar el conjunto carro/ equipo par a evitar posibles daños por vuelco.
13 .
Desenchufe el aparato durante tormentas
eléctricas o cuando no vaya a ser utilizado
largo tiempo.
14 .
Confíe el mantenimiento y las reparaciones a personal técnico especializado. El equipo deberá repararse siempre que haya resultado dañado dede alguna manera, como por ejemplo por daños en el cable o en la clavija, por derrame de líquido sobre el equipo, por objetos que hubieran podido introducirse en su interior, por exposición del equipo a la lluvia o a ambientes húmedos, cuando el equipo no funcione con normalidad o cuando hubiera sufrido algún tipo de caída.15.
Uso de las pilas ADVERTENCIA:
Para prevenir escapes en las pilas, que puedenocasionar lesiones físicas, daños a su propiedado dañar la unidad:
Instale todas las pilas correctamente, + y -
como está marcado en la unidad.
No mezcle las pilas (viejas con nuevas o
de carbono y alcalinas, etc.). Extraiga las pilas cuando no vaya a usar launidad durante largo tiempo.


Clavijapolarizadade CAcomerciante o 16.El aparato no debe exponerse a goteos ni salpicaduras.17.No coloque nada que pueda ser peligroso sobre el aparato (por ejemplo, objetos llenos de líquido, velas encendidas).18.Ese producto puede contener el plomo y mercurio. La eliminación de este material puede estar regulada debido a consideraciones
medioambientales. Para obtener información
sobre la eliminación o reciclaje de material, póngase en contacto con las autoridades locales [o con la Electronic Industries Alliance : www.].EL 6475-S005: 04/01durante
Registering your model with PHILIPS makes you eligible for all of the valuable benefits listed below, so don't miss out.
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thing in our power to keep you happy with your purchase for many
years to come.
As a member of the PHILIPS “family,” you’re entitled to protection
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Most importantly, you can count on our uncompromising commit-
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All of this is our way of saying welcome - and thanks for investing
in a PHILIPS product.
P.S. To get the most from your PHILIPS purchase, be
sure to complete and return your Product Registration
Card at once, or register online at:
For Customer Use
Enter below the Serial No. which is locat-
ed on the rear of the cabinet. Retain this
information for future reference.
Model No.__________________________
Serial No. ________________________
Know these
This “bolt of lightning” indicates unin-
sulated material within your unit may
cause an electrical shock. For the safety of
everyone in your household, please do not
remove product covering.
The “exclamation point” calls atten-
tion to features for which you should
read the enclosed literature closely to pre-
vent operating and maintenance problems.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or
electric shock, this apparatus should not be
exposed to rain or moisture and objects
filled with liquids, such as vases, should not
be placed on this apparatus.
CAUTION: To prevent electric shock,
match wide blade of plug to wide slot, fully
ATTENTION: Pour éviter les choc élec-
triques, introduire la lame la plus large de la
fiche dans la borne correspondante de la
prise et pousser jusqu’au fond.
*Proof of Purchase Returning the enclosed card guaranteesthat your date of purchase will be on file,so no additional paperwork will berequired from you to obtain warrantyservice.*Product Safety Notification By registering your product, you'll receivenotification - directly from the manufac-turer - in the rare case of a productrecall or safety defect.*Additional Benefits Registering your product guarantees thatyou'll receive all of the privileges towhich you're entitled, including specialmoney-saving offers.
L’enregistrement de votre modèle auprès de PHILIPS confirme votre éligibilité à tous les bénéfices mentionnés
ci-dessous. Remplissez et retournez votre carte d'enregistrement de produit le plus tôt possible ou enregistrez-vous en
ligne à .com/usasuppor
pour assurer :
Retournez votre carte d'enregistrement de produit ou enregistrez-vous en ligne à le plus tôt possible pour profiter pleinement de
votre achat.
À lusage du client
Entrez ci-dessous le numéro de série qui se trou-
ve à larrière du boîtier du dispositif. Conservez
ces informations pour référence ultérieure.
No. de modèle : ________________________
No. de série : __________________________
Sachez reconnaître ces symboles de
Ce symbole « d’éclair » sapplique aux
matériaux non isolés présents dans votre
appareil et pouvant causer un choc électrique.
Pour assurer la sécurité des membres de votre
famille, veuillez ne pas enlever le couvercle de
votre produit.
Les « points dexclamation » ont pour
but dattirer votre attention sur des carac-
téristiques à propos desquelles vous devez lire
soigneusement la documentation accompagnant
lappareil afin d’éviter tout problème dexploita-
tion ou dentretien.
AVERTISSEMENT : Afin de réduire les risques
dincendie ou de choc électrique, ne pas exposer
cet appareil à la pluie ou à lhumidité et les objets
remplis de liquide, comme les vases, ne doivent
pas être placés sur le dessus de lappareil.
CAUTION : To prevent electric shock, match
wide blade of plug to wide slot, fully insert.
ATTENTION : Pour éviter les chocs élec-
triques, introduire la lame la plus large de la fiche
dans la borne correspondante de la prise et
pousser à fond.
RISQUE DE CHOCS ÉLECTRIQUESNE PAS OUVRIRAttention: Afin de prévenir le risque de chocs électriquesne pas retirer les vis.Toute réparation devrait être confiée à un personnel qualifié.
Visitez notre site sur le Web à
Nous vous félicitons de votre achat et vous souhaitons
la bienvenue dans la « famille »!
Cher propriétaire dun produit PHILIPS :
Merci de votre confiance en PHILIPS.Vous avez choisi un pro-
duit de fabrication et de garantie supérieures parmi les meilleurs
disponibles sur le marché. Et nous ferons tout en notre pouvoir
pour que vous soyez pleinement satisfait de votre achat pour
des années à venir.
En tant que membre de la « famille » PHILIPS, vous avez droit à
une protection inégalée par lune des garanties les plus com-
plètes de lindustrie ainsi qu’à des réseaux de service sans pareil.
De plus, votre achat garantit que vous recevrez toutes les infor-
mations et offres spéciales auxquelles vous avez droit, ainsi
quun accès facile à toute une gamme daccessoires disponibles
via notre réseau de téléachat.
Mais ce qui est encore plus important, vous pouvez compter sur
notre engagement total quand il sagit de votre entière satisfac-
tion. Cest notre façon de vous souhaiter la bienvenue et de
vous remercier de votre investissement dans un produit
P.S. Pour bénéficier au maximum de votre produit
PHILIPS, assurez-vous de remplir et de retourner
votre carte denregistrement de produit le plus tôt
possible ou enregistrez-vous en ligne à
*Preuve dachatRetournez la carte denregistrement ci-incluse afin de garantir que la datedachat de votre produit sera classéedans nos dossiers et éviter ainsi le besoinde remplir dautres formulaires afindobtenir votre service de garantie.*Avis sur la sécuritédes produitsEn enregistrant votre produit, vous serezavisé - directement par le fabriquant - detoutes défectuosités compromettant lasécurité ou de tout retrait du produit dumarché.*Bénéfices addition-nels Lenregistrement de votre produit garan-tit que vous bénéficierez de tous les priv-ilèges auxquels vous avez droit y comprisdes offres-rabais spéciales.
The set complies with the FCC-Rules, Part 15 and with 21CFR 1040.10. Operation is subject to the following twoconditions:1. This device may not cause harmful interference, and2. This device must accept any interference received,including interference that may cause undesiredoperation.L’appareil répond aux normes FCC, Part 15 et 21 CFR1040.10. Fonctionnement soumis aux deux conditionssuivantes :1. Cet appareil ne doit pas provoquer d’interférencesnuisibles, et2. Cet appareil doit accepter toute interférence reçue, ycompris les interférences susceptibles de provoquerun fonctionement peu satisfaisant.El aparato cumple las normas FCC, Parte 15 y 21 CFR1040.10. Funcionamiento dependiente de doscondiciones siguientes:1. Este aparato no puede provocar interferencia dañina,
2. Este aparato debe aceptar cualquier interferenciarecibida, incluyendo las interferencias que puedenprovocar un funcionamiento insuficiente.INFORMACIÓN DE COPYRIGHTLa realización de copias no autorizadas de materiales protegidos contra copias,incluyendo programas de ordenador, archivos, emisiones y grabaciones de sonido,puede ser una violación de derechos de propiedad intelectual y constituir undelito. Este equipo no debe ser utilizado para dicho propósito.Windows Media y el logotipo de Windows son marcas comerciales o marcasregistradas de Microsoft Corporation en EE.UU. u otros países.DESECHO DEL PRODUCTO ANTIGUOEl producto se ha diseñado y fabricado con materiales y componentes de altacalidad, que se pueden reciclar y volver a utilizar.Cuando este símbolo de contenedor de ruedas tachado se muestra enun producto indica que éste cumple la directiva europea 2002/96/EC.Obtenga información sobre la recogida selectiva local de productos eléctricos y electrónicos.Cumpla con la normativa local y no deseche los productos antiguos con losdesechos domésticos. El desecho correcto del producto antiguo ayudará a evitarconsecuencias negativas para el medioambiente y la salud humana.INFORMATION SUR LE DROIT D'AUTEURToute copie d'une oeuvre protégée par un droit d'auteur, ce incluant les programmes informatiques, les enregistrements d'images et de sons, peut être une contrefaçon d'un droit d'auteur et constituer un délit. Cet appareil ne doitpas être utilisé à cette fin.Windows Media et le logo Windows sont des marques, déposées ou non, deMicrosoft Corporation aux États-Unis et/ou dans d'autres pays.MISE AU REBUT DE VOTRE ANCIEN PRODUITVotre produit a été conçu et fabriqué à l'aide de matériaux et composants dehaute qualité, recyclables et réutilisables.Le symbole de poubelle barrée sur un produit indique que ce dernierest conforme à la directive européenne 2002/96/EC.Veuillez vous renseigner sur les systèmes locaux de collecte des produits électriques ou électroniques.Veillez à respecter les réglementations locales ; ne mettez pas au rebut vos anciens produits comme des déchets ménagers. La mise au rebutcitoyenne de votre ancien produit permet de protéger l'environnement et la santé
PREPARATIONSAttaching and charging the battery pack*1 Switch off the set. Attach the battery pack as shown.2 Connect the supplied adapter to the set andthe main power supply (as shown). Chargeuntil the red indicator turns off (approximately4.5 - 6.5 hours when unit is charged frompower off).
• It is normal for the battery pack to becomewarm during charging.• is shown on the screen when batterypower is running low.Detaching the battery pack1 Switch off the set.2 Unplug the AC adapter.3 Turn the player upside down.4 Press down the battery pack lock switch .5 Slide off the battery pack as shown ➋ ➌.* Rechargeable batteries have a limitednumber of charge cycles and mayeventually need to be replaced. Batterylife and number of charge cycles vary byuse and settings.
Al registrar su modelo con PHILIPS usted cumplirá con los requisitos para obtener todos los valiosos beneficios que se
indican a continuación,
¡no se los pierda! Complete y devuelva su Tarjeta de registro de producto o regístrese en línea
en para asegurarse de:
Devuelva su Tarjeta de registro de producto o regístrese en línea en hoy mismo para aprovechar al máximo su compra.
Sólo para uso del cliente
Escriba a continuación el Nº de serie, el cual se
ubica en la parte posterior del gabinete.
Guarde esta información para futura r
Nº de modelo. __________________________
Nº de serie. __________________________
Conozca estos
símbolos de
Este relámpago indica material no aislado
dentro de la unidad que puede causar una
descarga eléctrica. Para la seguridad de todos en
su hogar, por favor no retire la cubierta del pro-
El signo de exclamación llama la aten-
ción hacia funciones sobr
e las que debería
leer con atención en la literatura adjunta para
evitar problemas operativos y de mantenimiento.
ADVERTENCIA Para reducir el riesgo de
incendios o de descarga eléctrica, este aparato
no se debe exponer a la lluvia ni a la humedad, y
no se le deben colocar encima objetos llenos de
líquido como jar
PRECAUCIÓN: Para evitar descargas eléctric-
as, haga que la paleta ancha del enchufe coincida
con la ranura ancha e introdúzcala hasta el
ATTENTION: Pour éviter les chocs élec-
triques, introduire la lame la plus large de la fiche
dans la borne correspondante de la prise et
pousser jusquau fond.
AVISORIESGO DE CHOQUE ELÉCTRICONO ABRIRAtención: Para reducir el riesgo de choque elécrico,no quite la tapa (o el panel posterior).En su interior no hay piezas que el usuario pueda reparar.Para servicio dirijase a personel calificado.
Visite nuestro sitio en el World Wide Web en
elicitaciones por su compr
y bienvenido a la familia!
Estimado propietario de un producto PHILIPS:
Gracias por su confianza en PHILIPS. Usted ha escogido uno de
los productos mejor construidos y con mejor respaldo
disponible hoy en día.Haremos todo lo que esté a nuestro
alcance por mantenerle satisfecho con su compra durante
muchos años.
Como miembro de la familia PHILIPS,usted tiene derecho a
estar protegido con una de las garantías más completas y redes
de servicio más sobresalientes de la industria. Lo que es más:su
compra le garantiza que recibirá toda la información y ofertas
especiales a las que tiene derecho, además de un fácil acceso a
los accesorios desde nuestra cómoda red de compra desde el
Y lo que es más importante: usted puede confiar en nuestro
irrestricto compromiso con su satisfacción total.
Todo esto es nuestra manera de decirle bienvenido y gracias
por invertir en un producto PHILIPS.
P.S.: Para aprovechar al máximo su compra
PHILIPS, asegúr
ese de llenar y de devolver inmedi-
atamente su Tarjeta de registro del producto o
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*Comprobante de Compra La devolución de la tarjeta incluida garan-tiza que se archive la fecha de compra, de
modo que no necesitará más papeleo para
obtener el servicio de garantía.*Seguridad del pro-ducto NotificaciónAl registrar su producto, recibirá la notifi-cación (directamente del fabricante) en elraro caso de un retiro de productos o dedefectos en la seguridad.*Beneficios adicionales Registrar su producto garantiza querecibirá todos los privilegios a los cualestiene derecho, incluyendo las ofertasespeciales para ahorrar dinero.
DISPOSAL OF YOUR OLD PRODUCTYour product is designed and manufactured with high quality materials and components, which can be recycled and reused. When this crossed-out wheeled bin symbol is attached to a product itmeans the product is covered by the European Directive 2002/96/EC.Please inform yourself about the local separate collection system for electrical and electronic products.Please act according to your local rules and do not dispose of your oldproducts with your normal household waste. The correct disposal ofyour old product will help prevent potential negative consequences for theenvironment and human health. Hearing SafetyListen at a moderate volume:• Using headphones at a high volume can impair your hearing. This product canproduce sounds in decibel ranges that may cause hearing loss for anormal person, even for exposure less than a minute. The higherdecibel ranges are offered for those that may have alreadyexperienced some hearing loss.• Sound can be deceiving. Over time your hearing "comfort level" adapts tohigher volumes of sound. So after prolonged listening, what sounds "normal"can actually be loud and harmful to your hearing. To guard against this, setyour volume to a safe level before your hearing adapts and leave it there.To establish a safe volume level:• Set your volume control at a low setting.• Slowly increase the sound until you can hear it comfortably and clearly, withoutdistortion.Listen for reasonable periods of time:• Prolonged exposure to sound, even at normally "safe" levels, can also causehearing loss.• Be sure to use your equipment reasonably and take appropriate breaks.Be sure to observe the following guidelines when using your headphones:• Listen at reasonable volumes for reasonable periods of time.• Be careful not to adjust the volume as your hearing adapts.• Do not turn up the volume so high that you can't hear what's around you.• You should use caution or temporarily discontinue use in potentially hazardoussituations.• Do not use headphones while operating a motorized vehicle, cycling,skateboarding, etc.; it may create a traffic hazard and is illegal in many areas.
PHILIPS warranty obligation is limited to the terms set forth below.
Philips warrants the product to the original purchaser or the person receiving the product
as a gift against defects in materials and workmanship as based on the date of original
purchase ("Warranty Period") from an Authorized Dealer.The original sales receipt
showing the product name and the purchase date from an authorized retailer is considered
such proof.
The Philips warranty covers new products if a defect arises and a valid claim is received by
Philips within the Warranty Period.At its option, Philips will either (1) repair the product at
no charge, using new or refurbished replacement parts, or (2) exchange the product with a
product that is new or which has been manufactured from new, or serviceable used parts
and is at least functionally equivalent or most comparable to the original product in Philips
current inventory, or (3) refund the original purchase price of the product.
Philips warrants replacement products or parts provided under this warranty against
defects in materials and workmanship from the date of the replacement or repair for
ninety (90) days or for the remaining portion of the original product's warranty, whichever
provides longer coverage for you.When a product or part is exchanged, any replacement
item becomes yourproperty and the replaced item becomes Philips' property.When a
refund is given, your product becomes Philips' property.
Note:Any product sold and identified as refurbished or renewed carries a
ninety (90) day limited warranty.
Replacement product can only be sent if all warranty requirements are met.
Failure to follow all requirements can result in delay.
This Limited Warranty applies only to the new products manufactured by or for Philips
that can be identified by the trademark, trade name, or logo affixed to it.This Limited
Warranty does not apply to any non-Philips hardware product or any software, even if
packaged or sold with the product. Non-Philips manufacturers, suppliers, or publishers may
provide a separate warranty for their own products packaged with the bundled product.
Philips is not liable for any damage to or loss of any programs, data, or other information
stored on any media contained within the product, or any non-Philips product or part not
covered by this warranty. Recovery or reinstallation of programs, data or other information
is not covered under this Limited Warranty.
This warranty does not apply (a) to damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse,
misapplication, or non-Philips product, (b) to damage caused by service performed by
anyone other than Philips or Philips Authorized Service Location, (c) to a product or a part
that has been modified without the written permission of Philips, or (d) if any Philips serial
number has been removed or defaced, or (e) product, accessories or consumables sold
"AS IS" without warranty of any kind by including refurbished Philips product sold "AS IS"
by some retailers.
This Limited Warranty does not cover:
Shipping charges to return defective product to Philips.
Labor charges for installation or setup of the product, adjustment of customer controls
on the product, and installation or repair of antenna systems outside of the product.
Product repair and/or part replacement because of improper installation, connections to
improper voltage supply, abuse, neglect, misuse, accident, unauthorized repair or other
cause not within the control of Philips.
Damage or claims for products not being available for use, or for lost data or lost
Damage occurring to product during shipping.
A product that requires modification or adaptation to enable it to operate in any country
other than the country for which it was designed, manufactured, approved and/or
authorized, or repair of products damaged by these modifications.
A product used for commercial or institutional purposes (including but not limited to
rental purposes).
Product lost in shipment and no signature verification receipt can be provided.
Failure to operate per Owner's Manual.
Contact Philips Customer Care Center at:
1-888-PHILIPS (1-888-744-5477)
1-800-661-6162 (French Speaking)
1-888-PHILIPS (1-888-744-5477) - (English or Spanish Speaking)
Some states do not allow the exclusions or limitation of incidental or consequential
damages, or allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above
limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may have other rights which vary from state/province to state/province.
Philips, P.O. Box 671539, Marietta, GA. 30006-0026
COUVERTURE DE GARANTIE:La provision pour garanties de PHILIPS se limite aux termes énumérés ci-dessous.QUI EST COUVERT?Philips garantit le produit au premier acheteur ou à la personne recevant le produit en cadeaucontre tout défaut de matière ou de main d’oeuvre conformément à la date d’achat originale («Période de garantie ») d’un distributeur agréé. Le reçu de vente original indiquant le nom duproduit ainsi que la date d’achat d’un détaillant agréé est considéré comme une preuve d'achat.QU'EST-CE QUI EST COUVERT?La garantie de Philips couvre les nouveaux produits en cas de défaut et suivant la réception parPhilips d’une réclamation valide dans les limites de la garantie. Philips s’engage, à son choix, à
(1) réparer le produit gratuitement avec des pièces de rechange neuves ou remises à neuf, ou à
(2) échanger le produit pour un produit neuf ou ayant été fabriqué à partir de pièces neuves ouusagées en bon état et au moins fonctionnellement équivalent ou comparable au produit d’originedans l’inventaire actuel de Philips, ou à (3) rembourser le prix d’achat initial du produit.Philips garantit les produits ou pièces de remplacement prévus sous cette garantie contre toutdéfaut de matière ou de main d’oeuvre à partir de la date de remplacement ou de réparation pourune période de quatre-vingt-dix (90) jours ou pour la portion restante de la garantie du produit
d’origine, la plus longue de ces couvertures étant à retenir. Lorsqu’un produit ou une pièce est
échangée, tout article de rechange devient votre propriété et l’article remplacé devient la propriété
de Philips. Lorsqu’un remboursement est effectué, votre produit devient la propriété de Philips.
Remarque : tout produit vendu et identifié comme étant remis à neuf ou rénové
porte une garantie limitée de quatre-vingt-dix (90) jours.
Un produit de remplacement ne pourra être envoyé que si toutes les exigences de la
garantie ont été respectées.Tout manquement de répondre à toutes les exigences
pourra entraîner un délai.
Cette garantie limitée ne s’applique qu’aux nouveaux produits fabriqués par ou pour Philipspouvant être identifiés par la marque de commerce, le nom commercial ou le logo qui y sont
apposés. Cette garantie limitée ne s’applique à aucun produit matériel ou logiciel non Philips,
même si celui-ci est incorporé au produit ou vendu avec celui-ci. Les fabricants, fournisseurs ouéditeurs non-Philips peuvent fournir une garantie séparée pour leurs propres produits intégrés auproduit fourni.Philips ne saurait être tenu responsable de tout dommage ou perte de programmes, données ouautres informations mis en mémoire dans tous médias contenus dans le produit ou de tout
produit ou pièce non-Philips non couvert par cette garantie. La récupération ou réinstallation des
programmes, données ou autres informations n’est pas couverte par cette garantie limitée.Cette garantie ne s’applique pas (a) aux dommages causés par un accident, un abus, un mauvaisusage, une mauvaise application ou à un produit non-Philips, (b) aux dommages causés par unservice réalisé par quiconque autre que Philips ou qu’un centre de service agréé de Philips, (c) à
un produit ou pièce ayant été modifié sans la permission écrite de Philips, ou (d) si tout numéro
de série de Philips a été supprimé ou défiguré, ou (e) à un produit, accessoire ou produit non
durable vendu « TEL QUEL » sans garantie de quelque description que ce soit par l’inclusion de
produits remis à neuf Philips vendu « TEL QUEL » par certains détaillants.Cette garantie limitée ne couvre pas:• les frais d'expédition pour le renvoi du produit défectueux à Philips.• les frais de main-d'oeuvre pour l'installation ou la configuration du produit, le réglage descommandes sur le produit du client ainsi que l'installation ou la réparation du système d'antenneexterne au produit.• la réparation du produit et/ou le remplacement des pièces à cause d'une mauvaise installation,
d'un raccordement à une alimentation électrique incorrecte, d’un emploi abusif, d'une
négligence, d’un mauvais usage, d'un accident, d'une réparation non autorisée ou de toute autrecause non contrôlable par Philips.• tout dommage ou réclamation pour des produits non disponibles à l’utilisation ou pour desdonnées perdues ou logiciel perdu.• tout dommage au produit encouru lors de l’expédition.• un produit nécessitant une modification ou adaptation afin de permettre l'utilisation dans toutpays autre que celui pour lequel il était désigné, fabriqué, approuvé et/ou autorisé ou touteréparation du produit endommagé par ces modifications.• un produit utilisé à des fins commerciales ou institutionnelles (y compris mais non de façonlimitative les fins de location).• un produit perdu lors de l’expédition sans preuve signée de la réception.• tout manquement d’exploiter le produit selon le manuel de l’utilisateur.
Américaines …Communiquez avec le centre de service à la clientèle de Philips au:
1-888-PHILIPS (1-888-744-5477)POUR OBTENIR DE LAIDE AU CANADA1-800-661-6162 (pour un service en français)1-888-PHILIPS (1-888-744-5477) (pour un service en anglais ou en espagnol)LA RÉPARATION OU LE REMPLACEMENT CONFORMÉMENT À CETTE GARANTIECONSTITUE LE SEUL REMÈDE POUR LE CONSOMMATEUR. PHILIPS N’EST AUCUNEMENTRESPONSABLE DE TOUT DOMMAGE ACCESSOIRE OU INDIRECT RÉSULTANT DE LAVIOLATION DE TOUTE GARANTIE EXPRESSE OU IMPLICITE SUR CE PRODUIT. SAUF DANSLA MESURE INTERDITE PAR LES LOIS APPLICABLES,TOUTE GARANTIE IMPLICITE DEQUALITÉ LOYALE ET MARCHANDE OU D’UTILITÉ PARTICULIÈRE DU PRODUIT ESTLIMITÉE DANS LE TEMPS À LA DURÉE DE CETTE GARANTIE.Certains états ne reconnaissent pas l'exclusion ou la limitation de la responsabilité pourdommages indirects ou accessoires, ou autorisent des limitations sur la durée d’une garantieimplicite, il est donc possible que les limitations ou exclusions mentionnées ci-dessus soient sanseffet dans votre cas.
Cette garantie vous donne des droits légaux spécifiques. Il est possible que vous bénéficiiez de droits supplémentaires variant d'un État/Province à l'autre.
Philips, P.O. Box 671539, Marietta, GA. 30006-0026
GARANTIE LIMITÉE PHILIPSUN (1) ANCOBERTURA DE GARANTÍA:La obligación de la garantía PHILIPS se limita a los términos establecidos a continuación.
Philips le garantiza el producto al comprador original o a la persona que lo recibe como regalo
contra defectos en los materiales y en la mano de obra, a partir de la fecha de la compra original
("período de garantía") en el distribuidor autorizado. El recibo de ventas, donde aparecen el
nombre del producto y la fecha de la compra en un distribuidor autorizado, se considerarácomprobante de esta fecha.LO QUE ESTÁ CUBIERTO:La garantía Philips cubre productos nuevos si aparece algún defecto y Philips recibe un reclamo
válido dentro del período de garantía.A su propia discreción, Philips (1) reparará el producto sin
costo, usando piezas de repuesto nuevas o reacondicionadas; (2) cambiará el producto por uno
nuevo o que se ha fabricado con piezas nuevas o usadas utilizables, y que sea al menosfuncionalmente equivalente o lo más parecido al producto original del inventario actual de Philips;o (3) reembolsará el precio de compra original del producto.Philips garantiza productos o piezas de repuesto proporcionados bajo esta garantía contradefectos en los materiales y en la mano de obra durante noventa (90) días o por el resto de lagarantía del producto original, lo que le promocione más cobertura. Cuando se cambia un
producto o una pieza, el artículo que usted recibe pasa a ser de su propiedad y el que le entrega a
Philips pasa a ser propiedad de éste último. Cuando se proporcione un reembolso, su productopasa a ser propiedad de Philips.
Nota: Cualquier producto que se venda y que esté identificado como
reacondicionado o renovado tiene una garantía limitada de noventa (90) días.
El producto de reemplazo sólo se puede enviar si se cumplen todos los requisitos de
la garantía. El incumplimiento de tales requisitos puede ocasionar un retardo.
LO QUE NO SE CUBRE: EXCLUSIONES Y LIMITACIONES:La garantía limitada se aplica sólo a los productos nuevos fabricados por Philips o para Philips quese pueden identificar por la marca registrada, el nombre comercial o por tener el logotipo
correspondiente. Esta garantía limitada no se aplica a ningún producto de hardware ni de software
que no sea Philips, incluso si viene empacado con el producto o si se vende junto con éste. Losfabricantes, proveedores o editores que no sean Philips pueden proporcionar una garantía porseparado para sus propios productos empacados con el producto Philips.Philips no es responsable por ningún daño o pérdida de programas, datos u otra informaciónalmacenados en algún medio contenido en el producto, ni por ningún producto o pieza que nosea Philips que no esté cubierta por esta garantía. La recuperación o la reinstalación de programas,datos u otra información no está cubierta por esta garantía limitada.
Esta garantía no se aplica (a) a daños causados por accidente, abuso, mal uso, mala aplicación o a
productos que no sean Philips; (b) a daño provocado por servicio realizado por cualquier persona
distinta de Philips o de un establecimiento de servicio autorizado de Philips; (c) a productos o
piezas que se hayan modificado sin la autorización por escrito de Philips; (d) si se ha retirado o
desfigurado el número de serie de Philips; y tampoco se aplica la garantía a (e) productos,accesorios o insumos vendidos TAL COMO ESTÁN sin garantía de ningún tipo, lo que incluyeproductos Philips vendidos TAL COMO ESTÁN por algunos distribuidores.Esta garantía limitada no cubre:• Los costos de envío al devolver el producto defectuoso a Philips.• Los costos de mano de obra por la instalación o configuración del producto, el ajuste decontroles del cliente en el producto y la instalación o reparación de sistemas de antenaexternos al producto.• La reparación del producto y/o el reemplazo de piezas debido a la instalación inadecuada, a
conexiones hechas a un suministro de voltaje inadecuado, al abuso, descuido, mal uso, accidentes,
reparaciones no autorizadas u otras causas que no se encuentren bajo el control de Philips.• Daños o reclamos por productos que no están disponibles para su uso, por datos perdidos opor pérdida de software.• Daños ocurridos al producto durante el envío.• Un producto que requiera modificación o adaptación para permitir su funcionamiento en algún
país que no sea el país para el que se diseñó, fabricó, aprobó y/o autorizó o la reparación de
productos dañados por estas modificaciones.• Un producto que se use para propósitos comerciales o institucionales (lo que incluye, entreotros, los de alquiler).• La pérdida del producto en el envío y cuando no se pueda proporcionar una firma que verifiqueel recibo.• No operar según el Manual del propietario.PARA OBTENER AYUDA EN LOS EE.UU., PUERTO RICO O EN LASISLAS VÍRGENES DE LOS EE.UU...Comuníquese con el Centro de Atención al Cliente al: 1-888-PHILIPS (1-888-744-5477)PARA OBTENER AYUDA EN CANADÁ…1-800-661-6162 (si habla francés)1-888-744-5477 - (Si habla inglés o español)LA REPARACIÓN O EL REEMPLAZO, SEGÚN LO DISPONE ESTA GARANTÍA, ES LASOLUCIÓN EXCLUSIVA PARA EL CLIENTE. PHILIPS NO SERÁ RESPONSABLE DE LOSDAÑOS INCIDENTALES O INDIRECTOS QUE INFRINJAN ALGUNA GARANTÍA EXPRESAO IMPLÍCITA SOBRE ESTE PRODUCTO. CON EXCEPCIÓN DE LO QUE PROHÍBA LA LEYVIGENTE,TODA GARANTÍA IMPLÍCITA DE COMERCIABILIDAD Y ADECUACIÓN PARA UNPROPÓSITO PARTICULAR EN ESTE PRODUCTO ESTÁ LIMITADA EN DURACIÓN A LOQUE ESPECIFIQUE ESTA GARANTÍA.Algunos estados no permiten las exclusiones ni la limitación de los daños incidentales o
indirectos, ni permiten limitaciones sobre la duración de la garantía implícita, de modo que las
limitaciones o exclusiones anteriores pueden no aplicarse a usted.
Esta garantía le otorga derechos legales específicos. Usted puede tener otros derechos que varían entre los diferentes estados y provincias.
Philips, P.O. Box 671539, Marietta, GA. 30006-0026
Philips PET724

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Philips PET724 especificaciones

Marca Philips
Modelo PET724
Producto Reproductor de DVD portátil
Idioma Español
Tipo de archivo PDF
Peso y dimensiones
Peso 850
Profundidad 170
Altura 33
Ancho 193
Diagonal de pantalla 7 "
Tamaño de pixel 0.107 x 0.37
Brillo de pantalla 200
Razón de contraste (típica) 250:1
Tiempo de respuesta 30
Área de visión efectiva 154.1 x 86.6
Pantalla LCD
Resolución de pantalla 480 x 234
Relación de aspecto 16:9
Segunda pantalla
Frecuencias de bits de MP3 32 - 320
Frecuencias de bits de WMA 32 - 192
Decodificadores incorporados Dolby Digital
Relación señal/ruido (SNR, por sus siglas en inglés) 62
Datos de embalaje
Profundidad del paquete 130
Altura del paquete 215
Ancho del paquete 242
Tipo de embalaje Tipo caja
Información técnica
A prueba de golpes
Indicador de carga de la batería
Full HD
Ampliación de video -
Puertos e interfaces
Salidas para auriculares 2
Salida de video compuesto 1
Enchufe de entrada de CC
Entrada de video compuesto 1
Audio digital, salida coaxial 1
Parlante(s) incorporado(s)
Potencia del parlante 0.25
Formatos de archivo
Formatos de vídeo compatibles DIVX,MPEG4
Formatos de audio soportados MP3
Formatos de imagen soportados JPG
Lector de tarjetas integrado
HDD incorporado
Factor de forma Convertible
Color del producto Black,Silver
Sistema de formato de señal analógica NTSC,PAL
Formatos de reproducción de discos CD audio,CD video,SVCD,VCD
Tipos de discos soportados CD,CD-R,CD-RW,DVD,DVD+R,DVD+RW,DVD-R,DVD-RW
Modo de reproducción Fast backward,Fast forward,Repeat,Shuffle,Slow,Zoom
Funciones de protección Resistente a golpes
Sintonizador de TV integrado
Contenido del embalaje
Adaptador AC incluido
Conjunto para coche
Control remoto incluido
Cables incluidos AV
Tipo de alimentación Battery,DC
Tecnología de batería Ion de litio
Autonomía de la batería (max) 4 h
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