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Safety Information

Please read this manual carefully. If you have any questions please contact H2O Audio
Customer Service prior to use.
Improper use of this system may cause the user to make mistakes or decisions that may lead
to serious injury or death.
Always make sure to have the audio player volume turned to zero and the headphones
turned away from the ears when turning on the audio player. If the volume level is not
zero when the audio player is turned on, it may cause ear injury due to a sudden burst of
volume. The volume should be slowly increased with an audio track playing to set the
speaker volume to comfortable output levels prior to positioning the headphones next to
the ears. Hearing experts advise against continuously loud and extended play. If you
experience ringing in your ears, reduce volume or discontinue use.
It can be potentially dangerous to use headphones while engaging in activities that require
your full attention. You should exercise extreme caution or discontinue use in potentially
hazardous situations. Do not use the headphones while driving, cycling, or operating any
motorized vehicle. It may create a traffic hazard and is illegal in some areas. Those users
that elect to utilize this system at, or near, the water’s surface, must maintain safety
awareness of moving water crafts
WARNING: Earplugs should always be used.
WARNING: Contains small parts which may be a choking hazard. Not suitable for children
under 3 years old.
WARNING: This product contains magnetic material.

Warranty Coverage

H2O Audio guarantees, to the original purchaser only, that the equipment purchased is
free of defects in material and/or workmanship under normal recreational use for a period
of one year (1) from date of consumer purchase from an Authorized Dealer; provided that
proper care and maintenance have been performed as prescribed by the owner's guide
included with the equipment. Should this product prove to be defective for any reason
(other than those listed as limitations below) the product will be serviced or replaced at
H2O Audio's sole discretion at no charge (excluding shipping and handling). This warranty
shall be void if the equipment has been tampered with by anyone not authorized to
perform service. The warranty is non-transferable and extends to the original purchaser
only and is valid only if the equipment was purchased from an Authorized Dealer. Warranty
does not extend to cover damage from accident, abuse, tampering, lack of maintenance,
theft, or loss. Service or modifications by anyone other than an Authorized H2O Audio
agent will void the warranty. H2O Audio will not be responsible for recovery or
replacement of the product in the event of loss or theft. H2O Audio, its Authorized
International Distributors, and Authorized Dealers make no other warranties, either
express or implied or orally, or in writing, with respect to any other warranty coverage
except those expressly stated within the preceding sentences. H2O Audio will not be held
responsible for any agreements orally or in writing with the exception of those expressly
included in this warranty statement. The warranty registration and the terms contained
herein supersede all statements contained in any and all owner's guides, instruction cards,
or other equipment literature or catalogs. In no event will H2O Audio, its Authorized
International Distributors, and Authorized Dealers be held responsible or liable for any
personal injuries resulting from the use of the covered equipment, or for any other
damages, whether direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential; even if H2O Audio has
been advised of such damages.

Double Your Warranty Offer

If you register your product online at www.h2oaudio.com/productregistration we’ll double
your warranty from 1 year to 2 years.

Return Authorization

Prior to any return, a Return Authorization (RA) number must be obtained. To receive an
RA number, go online to www.h2oaudio.com/ra and follow the instructions on how to
return a product. Proof of purchase from an Authorized Dealer will be required.

Copyright Notice: This owner’s manual is copyrighted, all rights reserved. It may not,

in whole or in part, be copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated, or formed into any
electronic format without prior consent in writing. H2O Audio is a registered trademark
of H2O Audio, Inc. Apple, iPod and iPod shuffle are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered
in the U.S. and other countries. “Made for iPod” means that an electronic accessory has
been designed to connect specifically to iPod and has been certified by the developer to
meet Apple performance standards. Apple is not responsible for the operation of this
device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards. H2O Audio products are
protected by US Patents 6396769, 6614722, 6954405, 7263032, 7535799 and Others

Maintaining Your Interval

Your H2O Audio Interval Waterproof Headphone System is completely waterproof. After
in-water use, you can rinse off your Interval with clean water and let it air dry for your next
1. My new Interval Waterproof Headphone System sounds distorted right out of the box.
What should I do?
The Interval Waterproof Headphone System has sealed, watertight speaker chambers.
During initial use, your headphones may sound distorted or operate at a low audio level
due to a vacuum formed in the speaker chamber during air travel or shipment. Volume and
sound quality will return to normal once the pressure equalizes.
Playing the headphones at 90% volume for 30 minutes typically solves this problem. If the
problem still occurs, wait 24 hours and test again as the headphones will usually equalize
within a short period of time. If your headphones do not equalize or if you have any
questions, please contact H2O Audio Customer Service.
2. The sound is intermittent from my headphones. What should I do?
Ensure the audio jack inside of the Interval is plugged into the shuffle completely. If the
problem still continues please contact H2O Audio Customer Service.
3. What happens if my headphones fall out of my ears while in the water?
The Interval Waterproof Headphone System is 100% waterproof and can be
exposed/submerged in water for an unlimited amount of time. If the headphones come out
of your ears and fall into the water, simply shake or blow off any water that remains in the
earplug to ensure the best sound experience.

Wearing Your Interval

The Interval Waterproof Headphone System is designed to be worn on the back of the
head, attached to a swim goggle strap. The case can be installed on the top or bottom
goggle strap and can be worn high or low on the head depending on preference.
Headphone cord can hang below or over the ear and may be tucked under a swim cap.
Swim goggle strap should be
attached to the Interval as shown
Do not attach swim goggle
strap over the front of the Interval

Achieving the Best Fit

To get the best performance out of your Interval Waterproof Headphone System it helps to
take the time to ensure a proper fit. We encourage you to experiment with different
earplug sizes, styles, and the angle of insertion until you find the combination that sounds
and fits best.
Here are a few tips we’ve discovered through feedback from our customers:
Push the earplugs into your ear canals far enough to establish a secure fit but not so far
they become uncomfortable.
A tighter seal may be achieved by pulling your upper ear back while inserting the
You may find it preferable to use different size earplugs for each ear.
For optimal in water performance, the earplugs should completely seal your ear canals:
Insert earplugs before your ears get wet to achieve the best watertight seal.
Larger size earplugs may be preferable during active and/or in water use as they may
offer more contact with the ear and a tighter seal.
Wrapping the headphone cables around your swim goggle straps before placing them in
your ears can help secure a better fit.
The headphones may stay in place more easily if they are tucked underneath a swim cap.



Controlling Your iPod shuffle

Play or Pause
Change Volume
Go to Next Track
Go to
Previous Track
Hear Song Title,
Artist Names, &
Playlist Names
Click the Center Button
Click the Volume up (+) or Volume Down (-) button
Double - click the Center Button
Double - click and hold the Center Button
Triple - click the Center Button within 6 seconds of the track starting.
Triple - clicking after 6 seconds restarts the current track.
Triple - click and hold the Center Button.
To hear the current song title and artist name, click and hold the
Center Button. To listen to your playlist names, keep holding, and
release when you hear a tone; then click to select the playlist you want.
The Interval is controlled in the same manner as your iPod shuffle

Checking the Waterproof Seal

The Interval Waterproof Headphone System features a removable waterproof seal that
forms a waterproof barrier between the base and lid of the case. It is extremely important
that special attention is paid to ensure the seal is completely seated in the groove of the
lid. If the seal is loose, out of alignment, twisted or pinched in any way, it will compromise
the waterproof integrity of the case and should not be used. Any debris such as hair or
sand will keep it from forming a watertight barrier and should be cleaned off before use.
Caution: If the seal comes out of alignment, carefully place it in the
groove, ensuring all 4 corners are correctly installed. Compress the
lid into to the base and then re-open it to make sure the seal is
fitted correctly into the groove. The seal should appear straight
and uniform along the edge and should not fall out easily.
Waterproof Seal
If you have any concerns please contact
H2O Audio Customer Support.

Installing the iPod shuffle (3


Gen) into Your Interval

1. 2. Open latch 3. Open lid

4. Install shuffle then turn shuffle on 5. Close lid - latch should lock automatically 6. Ensure case is closed and locked
Note: Shuffle needs to
be turned on before
case is closed
Note: Case may be difficult
to open the first time due a
vacuum formed during


The H2O Audio Interval Waterproof Headphone System is a swim specific music solution for
the iPod shuffle (3
Gen). The integrated waterproof case easily attaches to any swim
goggle providing a low profile, tangle free, listening experience.
• 5 pair of blue elastomer earplugs: XS, SM, MD (installed), LG, and XL
• 2 pair of black foam earplugs: S/M and M/L
The insides of the blue elastomer earplugs are labeled to aid in identification. Flip them
inside out to identify sizes.

Using Your Interval the First Time

Before using your Interval Waterproof Headphone System the first time, it is highly
recommended that you become familiar with opening and closing the case to ensure the
case is sealed properly during use.
1. Open the case and verify the seal area is clean and free of debris or damage.
2. Close and lock the case without the shuffle inside.
3. Submerge the system in water and soak for 30 min.
4. Manipulate the push button controls during submersion.
5. Remove from water and dry exterior so water does not fall inside when opened.
6. Open the case and ensure there is no water inside.
Do not use your Interval if water is found inside the case.
Please contact H2O Audio Customer Support immediately.

Waterproof Headphone System

Customer Support is available:
Monday - Friday 9AM to 5PM PT
P. 800-708-6080 or 858-623-0339
F. 858-225-0815
E. support@h2oaudio.com

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