Aiptek MobileCinema A50P

Aiptek MobileCinema A50P manual

  • Users Manual
    Care and Safety Information
    1. Keep the device and packaging materials out of the reach of infants and
    2. Avoid subjecting the power adapter and other contacts to dripping or splashing
    water and dry your hands before you use it. Do not place objects filled with
    liquids such as vases, etc. on or near the device.
    3. Make sure that the used power outlet is always readily available and never
    hidden. In case of emergency, use the power adapter to separate the device
    from the power network.
    4. Keep your device away from all flames such as candles and do not set them up
    in the vicinity of the device.
    5. Keep the unit at least 10 cm away from other objects. Make sure the ventilation
    is not covered by newspapers, tablecloths, curtains, etc.
    6. For your own safety, do not use the projector during thunderstorms or lightning.
    7. Relative Humidity is 5~35°C, 80% (Max.), non-condensing.
    8. The battery is integrated with the device. Do not dissemble and modify. The battery
    should be replaced by qualified service staff only.
    9. Ensure that the ambient room temperature is within -10~55°C
    10. During the operation, this product may heat lightly, which is normal.
    11. Wait before using if the device has been moved from a cold location into a
    warm one. Any condensation that has formed may in certain circumstances
    destroy the device. As soon as the device has reached room temperature it can
    be used without risk.
    12. Handle the product with care. Avoid contact with sharp objects. Keep device
    away from metallic objects.
    13. Place the projector on a flat surface. Any collision or falling to the ground is
    likely to damage the product.
    14. Do not drop or disassemble the product otherwise the warranty voids. Opening
    or removing covers may expose you to dangerous voltage or other hazards.
    Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.
    15. Use only the accessories supplied by the
    16. Both product and user’s manual are subject to
    further improvement or supplement without
    further notice.
    17. Avoid facing directly into the projector’s lens.
Aiptek MobileCinema A50P

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Aiptek MobileCinema A50P especificaciones

Marca Aiptek
Modelo MobileCinema A50P
Producto Proyector de video
EAN 4719851877193, 5008820139417
Idioma Spaans, Nederlands, Engels, Duits, Frans, Italiaans, Portugees, Indonesisch, Chinees
Tipo de archivo PDF
Brillo de proyector 35
Tecnología de proyección DLP
Resolución original del proyector VGA (640x480)
Compatibilidad de tamaño de pantalla 6 - 60 "
Relación de aspecto nativa 4:3
Relaciones de aspecto compatibles 4:3,16:9
Distancia de proyección 0.2 - 2
Razón de contraste (típica) 1000:1
Brillo de proyector (modo económico) 20
Sistema de objetivos
Relación de zoom -
Foco Manual
Rango de longitud focal -
Compensación 50
Fuente luminosa
Vida útil de la fuente de luz 20000 h
Sistema de formato de señal analógica -
Full HD
Parlante(s) incorporado(s)
Cantidad de parlantes incorporados 1
Pantalla incorporada
Puertos e interfaces
Cantidad de puertos VGA (D-Sub) 0
Número de puertos HDMI 1
Cantidad de puertos USB 2.0 1
Entrada de video compuesto 0
Entrada de audio (L,R) 0
Cantidad de entradas de S-Video 0
Video componente (YPbPr/YCbCr) entrada 0
Puerto DVI
Puertos Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) 0
LAN Ethernet
Otras características
Puertos RS-232 0
Lector de tarjetas integrado
Nivel de ruido -
Color del producto Negro
Tipo de producto Proyector portátil
Posicionamiento de mercado Portátil
Fuente de energía Pila
Consumo energético (típico) 7
Consumo de energía (en espera) -
Tecnología de batería Polímero de litio (LiPo)
Capacidad de batería 1850
Autonomía de la batería (max) 1.66 h
Peso y dimensiones
Peso 170
Ancho 71
Profundidad 132
Altura 14
Contenido del embalaje
Control remoto portatil
Cables incluidos USB
Funda de transporte
Guía de inicio rápido